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Decorating with macaroniDecorating with Macaroni: A Craft “How-To” Create Book

Submitter: At first I thought the “macaroni” referred to something else, like a type of needlework. I am the least craftiest person on the planet. However, I looked further and realized these are actual items of household décor using various types of macaroni pasta.  I wouldn’t say this is “awful”, just a reflection of the times I guess – I remember making macaroni “art” in school in the ‘70s, one of which I made in kindergarten and still hang on my Christmas tree every year! I work in the rare book room and archives of [a Canadian university].

Holly: It is definitely a reflection of the times! In case you’re interested, there are lots of current Aleene craft projects on Pinterest. Point your patrons there, not to this old thing. I, too, made macaroni “art” in the early 80s, and I remember a gold spray-painted box like the one painted below. So fancy.

Wreath and candle

Macaroni turkey

Tissue boxes


    1. I’m blind.
      Purely psychosomatic. After all, you had to imagine the gold spray paint.

      Tissue boxes with that oval-opening design must not have existed when I was a child. I went to Catholic school and I can’t imagine the art curriculum passing up such an opportunity. Or maybe the deal with the bulk Madonna supplier fell through.

      Betcha there exist people who went through childhood never realizing that macaroni is an actual food (compare “pipe cleaner”). Come to think of it, I’m not sure I knew it myself.

  1. I was taught in classes never to do “art” projects with food stuffs, in case there are students who don’t have enough of it to eat at home. That was an eye-opener for me.

  2. I’m actually impressed by the turkey. I came around after the macaroni craze, but I still see it sometimes. Mostly for necklaces.

  3. I have to say I love that macaroni turkey…hysterical! However…there is a pretty good chance many of these creations will be noshed by insects while in storage…

  4. I love these old craft books – made many a school art project with various types of pastas, also, occasionally, to be daring, white rice.

  5. I don’t think all of these types of pasta qualify as macaroni, do they? Even allowing for a correction to the North American use of “macaroni” to mean only elbow macaroni.

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