Unleash the Lioness

Unleash the LionessUnleash the lioness: A Women’s Guide to Fighting Off Violent Attack

Submitter: I am submitting this 90’s scare style book for women. The book lets the reader know that because you’re a woman you WILL be a victim of crime. So buy this book and take down an attacker with an umbrella. Oddly, this is a UK book that was found on a shelf here in this American library. I am sure those numbers at the back are no good.

Holly: Our girl on the cover has an umbrella and she’s not afraid to use it! I mean, that’s pretty good resourcefulness.

Lioness contents

Lioness intro


Accepting the unacceptable

Disable attacker

Techniques with weapons



  1. My inner snarky kid is laughing about the sticker placement, making the author Robin Man! Like Batman finally either adopted or married Robin!

  2. Perhaps put out a new edition where it can serve women but also men and anyone regardless gender expression. Take out all references to “the animal” inside; when white people refer to Black people in such terms in just reinforces the racism that says Black people are not human. The same applies to women when men call them lionesses: men are saying that their feelings aren’t human, but like a savage animal’s…‚Ķsavage…, and where have we heard those words before?

  3. You know I don’t think those numbers will work even in the UK anymore, there have been a couple of rearrangements of the national numbering plan (Big Number Change and phONE day) that could have made these undialable. Suzy Lamplugh’s trust, though, is still marching on.

  4. Never mind the umbrella, the expression on her face should do it.

    Why waste pages with the specific scare stories, or even generic ones? Get to the eye-gouging and crotch-kicking!

    There MUST have been any number of American self-defense books for the ladies out at this time, no need to buy a British one that would tell you about all the things you can’t use to protect yourself and the people you can’t call. Not to mention it wouldn’t deal with guns at all, and I’m pretty sure some British criminals have them.

  5. Whilst everything else in this book may be out of date, sadly the core message is still as relevant as ever. Women are still being attacked and murdered and society still discourages women from acting assertively or proactively in all areas of life, not just personal safety. I appreciate the fundamental message that this author is promoting which is the need for positive mental programming…to fight back, not just fear.

    1. I read recently that “fight or flight” is inaccurate, for a large number of people / situations “freeze” is common. Made me feel better – it’s often my reaction. A current book would probably address that _all_ people are at risk for – what seems to them and others – “just letting it happen”.

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