Under Pressure!

peer pressure cover

Peer Pressure

Another book for the teens battling peer pressure. Our author is here to give you the 411 on all things teen peer pressure. The message is pretty clear: be your own person, so long as you are still following the rules.  Protect your precious virginity. No one likes a slut and you will probably get AIDS and die. Don’t do drugs or drink. Again, you will probably die. Don’t you all feel better? Problems solved!


peer pressure back cover

i am somebody!

what about sex?

progression into arousal

test yourself about drugs

the party's over


  1. This is the same George B. Eager who wrote a book about sex, isn’t it? This book looks judgy and depressing. Definitely not something I would give to my teenager!

  2. I guess this means I was never a teenager. I didn’t give in to peer pressure easily, if at all, I never smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or did drugs, and the most illegal I probably did was copying a rented video tape.

  3. The sex page was utterly ridiculous. Bit of a shame really, as the rest of the pages above weren’t too bad. Treat the media with skepticism, you don’t have to follow the herd, and drink-driving is dangerous are all good messages. However, he undoes all his good work by telling you you’ll be DOOMED FOREVER if you have pre-marital sex, which is demonstrably not true.

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