Uncle Willy

Uncle Willy's TicklesUncle Willy’s Tickles: A Child’s Right to Say No

Submitter: Creepy!

Holly: …Aaaaand we’re back to this subject.  What a horrible title!  There’s a fine line between making a serious subject “approachable” to kids through a title they can understand and making light of the issue itself.  This one comes awfully close to that line!  They would have to name him “Uncle Willy,” wouldn’t they?

  1. My mind went straight to the gutter. That’s just creepy. Uncle Willy? Gee could they pick a worse name? Nope I think they did. Peter ironically wouldn’t be as creepy or maybe it would.

  2. What’s going on on the front cover?

    An added problem: No only how do you title a book like this, but how do you illustrate a book like this appropriately?

  3. “Peter ironically wouldn’t be as creepy or maybe it would.”

    Yes, if his name were Peter File.

  4. Yuck! I said, “Creepy!” as soon as I saw the cover, then noted that the submitter used the same adjective. I think this book belongs in the trash.

  5. Apparently the author of this book does birthday parties…

    (Clip from the website)
    I now offer personalized ‘You’re the Author’ Birthday Parties in addition to my school visits. They’re a great way to encourage a love of reading and books in a fun and festive ‘party’ atmosphere!

    Parties are geared for children ages 4 – 10. Your child will choose one of my books, or another book he likes, and we will base the theme and activities of the party around it.

    For instance, does your child like sports? Maybe he’d get a kick out of a basketball birthday party based on my book ‘The Hot Shots’. Does your child like playing guessing and rhyming games? She’d be the star with ‘The Giant Jelly Bean Jar’. If your child likes animals, an animal-themed birthday party featuring my book ‘Raising Pilot’ could make him dog-gone happy! (The birthday child will keep whatever book he chooses.)

    To start the party, I’ll read the book your child selects – the whole book for picture books or a few pages for chapter books. Then the fun activities begin! Depending on the book’s theme and the childrens ages, activities might include a basketball shoot-out, mystery riddle games with clues, or picking an animal’s name out of a hat and ‘acting’ as the animal for the other children to guess! Each party will include 2-3 activities.

    After the activities, the children become authors and illustrators themselves as they start writing and drawing their own books! I’ll give them ideas for books they might want to write and supply each child with a 28-page (14 sheet) hardcover book with a choice of cover illustration, ex., sports, unicorns, dinosaurs, plus many others. I’ll also have erasable colored pencils, line guides, stickers, and other supplies to get their creative juices flowing!

    Most of my books can be incorporated into a birthday party theme. If you see a book you’re interested in, or need some suggestions, just let me know and we can brainstorm a special and unique ‘You’re the Author’ party based on your child’s interests.

    Foster your child’s love of reading with a fun, unique, and memorable party! Please contact me for further details and any questions.

    I wonder how she would handle a party if this book was the child’s favourite one?

  6. I weeded this one from our collection a year or two back. If memory serves, Uncle Willy (despite his unfortunate name) was only roughhousing with the child, and stopped immediately when asked.

    The title still sounds wrong, though.