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United Nations Conspiracy title pageThe United Nations Conspiracy

Submitter: I guess this book was purchased in the interest of “balance” for our academic library. In 1981, apparently, it was okay to pretend that whackadoodle conspiracy theories represented an alternative point of view. I’m glad the predictions of enslavement to a One World Government have yet to come true, and that the godless commies have not prevailed, despite the “brickbats coming thick and heavy” to John Wayne, of all people. John Wayne, “far removed from Hollywood’s typical subversion and perversion as you can get!” The nerve!

Holly: I get the whole balance thing, in general, but if that’s really a priority in your library, you have to make an effort to keep the materials more current on all sides. Conspiracy theorists are like, “old news!” and in an academic library, this isn’t helping any college kid do research on attitudes and beliefs of the 21st century.


One World Government




  1. Sounds like it’s antisemitic dog whistles too. This book seems like it’s one step removed from, “and it’s all a plot by the Jewish cabal to take over!”

    1. Do you know, I ran across one of those for the second time in my life! It was I think unironically left at a recycling station the county or town runs. It was extremely easy to pull it out of its crevice and walk it to the paper-dumpster.

  2. Ah, yes, “The Green Berets”, where the sun *sets over the ocean in Vietnam*.

    John Wayne not only didn’t do what the Left wanted, he didn’t do what the entire solar system wanted!

  3. The writer of page 131 is letting irrelevant stuff into their argument. If it was being ideologically attacked, the plot would be relevant and nothing else. Calling it “exciting and well-acted” makes their charge and claim less persuasive because now we have artistic criticism to deal with.

  4. Quite funny when they mention ‘Wayne’s World War II’… I hope Mike Myers will make that movie!

    We have had the same nonsense about the European Union taking away ‘sovereignty’ which has led to the disaster of the United Kingdom leaving the EU because the conspiracy theory idiots were allowed a free vote on an issue of long-term national importance which they knew nothing about (British exports are down by £2bn since we left). You got Trump, but luckily that was only for 4 years.

  5. I believe I actually ran across this book in my college library circa 1990! I was an “Illuminatus!” devotee and fascinated by conspiracy stuff at the time, although I found the writing in JFK conspiracy books more entertaining, on the whole. Don’t think I ever got through much of this one.

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