Umbrellas: The More You Know

history of umbrella cover

A History of the Umbrella

Back in 2009 when we started this little dog and pony show, a few of the titles got lost in the shuffle between migrations and our own incompetence. This title has been on my “lost/broken” list for a while and now I am happy to re-post with new and better pictures.

This title is not necessarily awful for some libraries and probably would work in a deep collection on fashion accessories or design. Holly and I included it here because we always get a few laughs from titles that are so specific or on an esoteric subject. In my near 20 years in library service, I can confidently say that I have never had anyone ask for material about umbrellas. (They did ask if the library had umbrellas to lend.)


inside flap of the history of the umbrella


historical pictures of umbrellas and fashion

fashion umbrella


  1. I do like books or articles like this that dig into some “mundane” bit of life and turn up stuff I would never have known otherwise, but only if they’re interesting and informative. This looks like it might be.

  2. “It is styles like this that might reestablish the umbrella”. Was it ever in danger of going away? I can’t really see that happening, unless the weather changes dramatically‚Ķ but then again, I do live in London.

  3. I wouldn’t come into a library asking for a book on umbrellas but there’s a good chance I’d check it out if I saw it.

  4. This new umbrella book is on my to-read list:
    Brolliology: A History of the Umbrella in Life and Literature
    by Marion Rankine

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