Ultimate Man

ultimate man coverThe Man’s Complete Guide to Looking Great
The Ultimate Man

Guys, you can perfect that oh-so-cool look with help from this book. This book has everything from fashion advice, skin care, diet, exercise, and even plastic surgery. (It must be a good book, it has an endorsement from Penthouse!)

The fashion chapters are titled by a certain look ranging from the classic to army surplus. You can see some of the choices below. The late 1970s/early 1980s fashion trends are all here. I have included a few of my personal favorites from this book, but I have to say it was difficult to choose. How many pictures of upscale white guys doing manly things do we really need?


back cover of the ultimate man

men's grooming

pimp coat

plastic surgery

casual outdoor fashion

poolside wear


    1. Jim, you obviously have never been to Portland, Oregon! This is a year round look here! I didn’t say I LIKED it, just pointing out that this is really the way some men dress TODAY!

  1. Two comments:
    1) Is that George Michael on the cover?
    2) The guy in the last photo looks like a perv; he appears to be grabbing his junk and playing pocket pool at the same time. (The woman with him looks questionable too; what’s with the flashing of her leg?)

  2. Isn’t that actor Jack Scalia on the cover? He was in so many TV shows/movies in the ’70s and ’80s!

    1. Yes, Jack Scalia. Last seen (by me) romancing Erica on All My Children. He was a model before he was an actor.

      1. I haven’t seen All My Children probably since this book was published. Was he one of Erica’s husbands? Mary

  3. The more fashion I see from this period, the more grateful I am that I was really too young to remember it.

  4. The guy in white sees the woman’s leg and his hand goes … where? What’s that all about?

  5. Mary, in answer to your question: Many fewer than we have, especially if the “manly” thing they’re doing is whatever the guy in the last picture is doing. *eyes him dubiously*

  6. Oh blech! The fellow sporting “sailor knickers” is grabbing his business while looking at the woman who inexplicably hitched up her skirt to flash her knee. Kind of awful.

  7. Unlike the Charles Hix title we had a couple of weeks ago, this book is going for a super bloke-y vibe which is just…well, sad. The cutline on Mr. Mesh T-Shirt’s photo says his look is “Canadian surplus.” Canadian surplus…what? This is not a thing. I have no idea what that means! Also: the line, “His Rafael field jacket is made of tobacco pigsuede” made my blood run cold. Grrrrl, friends don’t let friends wear tobacco pigsuede… […shudder…]

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