TV Trivia Teasers

TV Trivia TeasersTV Trivia Teasers: 1004 Totally Tubular Brain-Twisters

Submitter: Found this gem while weeding our TV collection.  Not only are all of the TV shows and movies in the questions from the 40s-early 80s, among those featured in the “Photo Teasers” are Rock Hudson, George Burns, Shelley Long and the Solid Gold Dancers!

Holly: For what it’s worth, I totally bombed the quiz.  If this were based on today’s TV shows, I’d have totally aced it, though.  Anyone remember this actress?  Extra credit if you can name the actress and the TV show.

TV Trivia Teasers

TV Trivia Teasers

  1. I am extremely embarrassed that I know this, but I believe the actress is Priscilla Barnes, who replaced Suzanne Summers on Three’s Company (in fairness, I remembered the role, but had to look up the actress’s name).

    1. Don’t be embarrassed. I knew her too. We just dated ourselves! Here is my other sad knowledge: I know she did quite a few Love Boat episodes…

  2. Terri something or other from Three’s Company? (the final replacement girl from Suzanne Sommers)

    I don’t think they could do something like this today with the expanding world of reality stars. I could maybe do well on network shows but some of the reality people….nope.

  3. On my god, I didn’t get the reference to real “rabbit ears” and we still use rabbit ears!! (we’re such rebels.)

    I knew 805 and 806. does that count for anything??

  4. >>I know she did quite a few Love Boat episodes…

    She was also recently in Rob Zombie’s THE DEVIL’S REJECTS< one of many former 70s actors(PJ Soles appears too, for instance, and she's always a welcome sight) who have bits in it. Hers was…well, I'll just say she has courage because she didn't appear to be forced to do what happens in the film, but it's one of the harsher sequences in the film and she's the prolonged victim.

  5. I knew she was Three’s Company and The Love Boat but couldn’t remember her name.

    I know 804 is Fun In Acapulco – course I happen to be an Elvis Presley fan. And 805 is Daddy’s Little Dividend. But the others I’m not entirely familiar with. I tended more towards things like I Love Lucy, Lawerence Welk, and The Smothers Brothers.

  6. Oh, and before anyone says anything – I’m 34. I just didn’t have cable growing up so while my friends watched things like MtV I was growing up on reruns of various older shows and PBS. My educational tv included the 1970s show The Electric Company, for instance.

    o/` Easy Reader that’s my name – uh – uh – uh
    Readin’ Readin’ that’s my game! uh – uh – uh
    Top to bottom
    left to right
    That readin’ stuff is – OUT OF SIGHT!
    Easy Reader thats my name uh – uh – uh! o/`

  7. Anyone know of “W. Wilson Casey” is at all related to H. W. Wilson of WilsonWeb (in)fame?

  8. I knew her as well! I said `of course that is Priscilla Barnes, Terri on Three`s Company!` I always liked her better that Chrissy and Cindy. Years later she admitted that she hated it.

    I knew all of the trivia answers except the last. It doesn`t even ring a bell. 806 is my husband`s favorite movie, I would be strung up if I did not know it! 😉

  9. Morgan Freeman was easy reader correct?

    Well to show how dorky I am…first glance I thought that actress was from Bosom Buddies…she looks like that blonde who Tom Hanks’ character (hildegard) likes. Then I realized it was whats her face from Three’s Company. She was a nurse I believe.

  10. I knew she was on Three’s Company, but didn’t remember her name. And I did pretty good on the trivia questions. Only missed one! Do I get bonus points for only being 27?

  11. I wouldn’t mind owning this book just to test myself to see how much I remember from my childhood.

  12. What’s a “reference relocator”? And what kind of things would you find using one?

  13. @Mandy – That’s right. He also played Dracula. You should totally look up the clips on YouTube.

    We got The Best Of The Electric Company V2 at my library. Even though it’s in the kid’s section, mostly adults check it out for themselves.

  14. I know we’ve discovered who the actress is, but does anyone else think she looks a LOT like Carmindy from “What not To Wear?”

  15. Mandy_Reeves: The blonde on “Bosom Buddies” was Donna Dixon, who married Dan Ackroyd after appearing in the movie “Doctor Detroit” with him. Fran Drescher was also in D.D. And yes, her voice has always sounded like that!

  16. I knew it was Priscilla Barnes from Three’s Company off the top of my head, and I’m only 26. I’ve watched a lot of Nick at Nite.

  17. “Teri from ‘Three’s Company’!” came to my mind ASAP. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  18. My mother was a ‘Murphy Brown’ fan back in the day. (Yes, I know that this book was published several years before it premiered on TV). I think that the only episode of MURPHY BROWN she truly disliked was the one where Candice Bergen dreamed she was at her own funeral!

  19. I am a HUGE Three’s Company fan! I knew immediately that it was Priscilla Barnes (Terri) – but she didn’t replace Crissy (Suzanne Sommers) – she replaced Crissy’s cousin, Cindy! I can’t remember Cindy’s actual name, she was only one for one or two seasons anyhow – am I showing my early 80’s geekiness too much?!

  20. She is Mrs Della Leiter (married to Felix Leiter, of Bond movie CIA fame) from the late 90s Bond movie starring Remington Steele.