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Itfinoski and Lackmann

Of course I snagged this title!  Four shows all in one book. I am sure that the title/cover alone would have garnered readers back in the 80s.  However even for a kid’s book, then the content is a bit “light.”  No really solid bio information or even behind the scenes gossip.  Although let’s be honest, the really juicy stuff doesn’t happen to some of these people for another few years.


Charlotte Rae

David Hasslehoff

Dana Plato

Dirk Benedict


  1. I can’t believe I’m as old as I am – a working, master’s-degree-holding librarian! – and still have no idea who these people are. (Except the obvious, I mean.) Who on earth is Templeton “The Face” Peck?

  2. SCAN DWIGHT SHULZ’S PAGE! I’m ALL ABOUT HM “Howling Mad” Murdock! (Better known now adays as Lt. Barcley aka “Broccoli” from Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

  3. Face! Oh, how I love me some Dirk Benedict! Two days in a row of yummy heavenly eye candy. Thanks, ALB.

  4. Seriously, now I want to “google ” all of them and see what happened to the ones on the cover. And “the Face” was the good-looking chameleon like character on the A-Team – played by Bradley Cooper (I think) in the movie remake.

  5. I recognize 3 of the shows although I never watched them. My wife used to love the A-Team and Knight Rider. Who are those people in the bottom left of the cover?

  6. Knowing what happened to Dana that page makes me so sad. She had a lot of promise and looked so happy there.

  7. @Cliff – That’s The Facts Of Life.

    @Kathy – Of course George (Hannibal) died in 1994 –

    Dwight, like I said, went on to play Barcley in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was also in at least one ST:TNG movie and crossed over into Voyager now and again.

    Mr. T is still around as well, though I think he takes it easy as I’ve heard he is battling cancer.

    Gee, Dirk is still alive. I did not know that. I honestly never cared for him. I was a Murdock girl all the way.

  8. I’m just amused that the “vital statistics” don’t include age. Why? That is probably the most common actor fact I look up on imdb. They didn’t have that luxury then.

    Every time I realize things like that, I feel sad for the people of the past (even though I myself also knew a time without the ability to instantly look up everything).

  9. @Leigha – When I was in drama class they always told us to never, ever reveal our ages. Because it would mean we’d either get type cast according to age or not get any roles what so ever because we’d be seen as “too old.”

    People complain about the entertainment industry being youth obsessed now. (For instance, American Idol has an age limit of 28 and if you read any music business book they’ll say “If you’re over 30, give up. No one wants to buy albums by someone over 30.” Then proceed to say the fact Mick Jagger still sells albums is a fluke. Guess they never heard of other over 30 musicians who sell records still like Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Michael Crawford, David Bowie, Donna Summer, Paul McCartney…..) But obviously they were even worse back then when they could hide one’s age easier.

  10. Guess I never realized that Dirk Benedict was on the A-team. I only knew him from the original Battlestar Galactica where I lusted after him as Starbuck. I can’t believe the new BG has a female Starbuck.

  11. @Kathy. Yep, Bradley Cooper did play Face in the current ATeam remake with only one exception, he is no where near as attractive, talented or charismatic as Dirk. Sigh.

    Jami just reminded me that I had forgotten Dwight aka Murdoch was on Star Trek: TNG. Been so long since I have seen the show.

  12. It’s so sad reading Dana Plato’s very sweet interests and plans, and knowing she ended up with a terrible drug problem that killed her at 34. Her career declined dreadfully after Diff’rent Strokes, and she appeared in softcore pornography. Her son also killed himself at 25.

  13. I actually owned this book as a child! I’d be willing to bet it is still in my parents basement, even, though it is entirely possible I donated it to Goodwill somewhere along the way. The scans of the pages really gave me flashbacks. 🙂

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