Turn on Your Personal Power!

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Personal Power

I picked up this book because of the cover. I get the feeling these people are waiting to be called up to the mother ship.

This is basically an LDS church sanctioned book about getting your act together. Fair enough. It reads easily and is about changing bad habits and seeking personal growth. Think of it as life coaching from an LDS perspective. It is missing modern references, such as technology, social media, etc, so I doubt it would appeal to the target audience today. A new edition that updates the content and cover art from the century might rescue this title. A fresh look and description might give this old title some new life.


inside flap personal power Taking charge of your life rewarding yourself


  1. This is not a book sanctioned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Members of the church are the intended audience though. The publisher, Publisher’s Press, is not one of the common publisher’s of LDS literature so it is likely self-published (Deseret Book is the current main publisher). There were a number of these types of self-help books published in the 1980’s and I have see them come through as donations.

  2. What is with that HAIR!? I don’t think that would have been fashionable ever. Are they sharing a wig, which has become partly dislodged? The guy looks like my late brother, only my brother had pupils in his eyes…

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