Tumbling and Trampolining

Tumbling and Trampolining cover

Tumbling and Trampolining

Submitter: I weeded this book from my high school library immediately upon seeing it–way back in 1990. For some reason, however, I can’t seem to throw it away. It’s just too awful and each photo is better/worse than the previous one.

Uncharacteristically for high schoolers, there are no drawings or comments in the book, which is ripe for that sort of thing. Great conversation starter!

Holly: What in the heck are the peopleĀ doing in some of these pictures? That looks…awkward. And painful.

shoulder stand on thighs

stand on hands



  1. “Until you feel confident in this stunt, a spotter should be present to prevent possible injury.”

    And to call 911 when these stunts go horribly wrong.

  2. OK, whatever it is called, my mind mashed together “tumbl…” and “trampo…” and came up with “trumpbolining”, which I suppose means the cover color has to be commented on?

  3. This has to be a candidate for your best/worst of the year list. I suppose the only reason the illustrations weren’t augmented by students, is the amazing ugliness of the book cover.

  4. Some of this stuff looks like things we did in gymnastics class in high school. (Our school did have a competitive team.) However, I could still see weeding a book like this because you do not want people to go out and try this at home.

    Though I could see the gymnastics coach keeping this inside his office and bringing it out occasionally for routine ideas.

  5. I know I have the maturity of a 10 yr old sometimes, but that second to last photo. Where the person has their head up their partner’s… *Muffled laughter* And I thought the cover photo was bad!

  6. Hahahahahaha. I seem to be 14 years old today. What are those people doing in the picture that looks like 2 people impersonating a centaur?

    1. It’s one of the steps of a greater act. What’s odd to me is that the next step isn’t shown at the bottom of the page; other stuff is.

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