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Donald Trump Surviving at the Top coverTrump
Surviving at the Top
Trump and Leerhsen

Just in case you haven’t had enough of Trump, here is your chance to jump into his “classy” lifestyle. Don’t miss this chance to see the all the glitz of this business superstar and his super cool friends. Trump gives the reader all the inside info on his business philosophy and a chapter devoted to his “typical” day in the life. The prose reads as a string of sound bites suitable for an infomercial or maybe a revival meeting. Obviously you don’t want to miss this gem.


To all our non-USA visitors watching the train wreck of American politics: I cannot explain Donald Trump. My head will hurt if I try.

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With Malcolm Forbes

With Michael Jackson

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  1. Trump is what you get after 50 years of inbreeding in the GOP. Politically, ideologically, financially, and in more than a few cases among his supporters, literally.

    1. Trump Derangement Syndrome alive and well… The leading DEM is under investigation by the FBI LITERALLY.

  2. To understand Donald Trump I recommend a book that never needs weeding: _The True Believer_ by Eric Hoffer. Incidentally, reading it will remind all our non-American friends of the fact that their countries, too, have at least flirted with demagogues in the past.

  3. I read that some Americans are seriously thinking of moving up into Canada if Trump wins. I don’t think it matters where you live. If Trump is elected, WW3 will start and we’ll all be doomed. In fact we’ll be doomed no matter who gets elected. Of course, what I say doesn’t matter ’cause I’m Canadian. 🙁

    1. Lora, Please leave the porch light on as some of us are packing already. We hope to die without the shameful label of being from South of the Border.

      1. The reality is that several times more American citizens actually emigrated, renounced their U.S. citizenship, etc. under Obama than did under Bush 43. It’s still a small number all told–several thousand per year as opposed to a thousand or so every year.
        The other bitter reality is that virtually every other country, including Canada and Mexico, impose quite onerous conditions upon wanna-be immigrants, the kind that are usually protested as “inhumane” when America wants to impose them.
        “Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up everything you own and move across the globe. You’re going to need the right documents.
        Work visas through a job are likely the most secure option but they’re difficult to obtain. The long process starts with applying for a job in your wannabe home. In most countries, the employers must rule out locals who may be better-suited for the job before extending an offer to foreigners. . . .
        Most nations require a foreigner to work for several years before attempting to apply for permanent residency or citizenship. Singapore, on the other hand, offers a way for foreigners to earn permanent residency right away. The nation’s Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme allows expats to apply for residency as soon as they get their work passes.
        If you want to go one step further and become a citizen of another nation, get ready for a long road. That requires a lengthy legal process that starts with a temporary visa that turns into permanent resident status. Tina Turner became a Swiss citizen in 2013, relinquishing her U.S. citizenship along the way, after living abroad for nearly two decades.”

        1. Alexander is correct, the process of becoming citizen of another country (any country) is rather lengthy and honestly, even though Canada is an awesome country, it’s not like any country is 100% perfect. This Cracked article, being from Cracked, is mainly humorous, and of course not all people’s experiences of moving to other countries are nightmares, but to me this article gave a lot of insight about how it’s really not that easy to move to another country. Especially if the main reason is that you’re fed up with your own:

          Bottom line is, fleeing the country isn’t the answer to handling a President, any elected official, or laws you can’t agree with–you’d be benefiting yourself and your country more by staying, being involved in politics to the extent that you can, studying up as much as you can on your government and how it works, informing others, and most importantly, VOTE. And frankly, for those like me that just don’t have the money to move, these are the only options we have.

  4. This might actually be circulating nowadays. But it will likely spike or crash after early November, depending on the results.

    1. I know, right? He still looked like a jerk (in my opinion), and his hair was still as hilarious as it’s ever been, but he actually looked like a real person back then, so to speak. Now he looks like a political cartoon come to life!

  5. Both myself and a co-worker of mine believe that Trump is ENTIRELY unqualified to be President mostly because he apparently has no previous political experience of any type.

  6. oh… my gosh.
    So the guinea pig on his head is only recent.
    He looks and sounds… eerily normal here.
    Still a bit of a giant stick up his derrière, but… yeeesh. This was the best marketing I’ve seen yet.

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