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Cyndi Lauper coverThe Picture Life of Cyndi Lauper

Submitter: Here is another awesome Juvenile bio book from my local public library. Maybe not awful, but defiantly out of date. How many of the kids today will know who Johnny Carson was? How about knowing who is in [the 5th picture, below]. Cyndi has been up to some amazing things on Broadway lately. This book does not cover any of those achievements. Fun though!

Holly: Oooh, I like Cyndi Lauper! So do a lot of people from my generation (40-ish). I think most public libraries can safely let this particular title go from their juvenile bio sections, though. We’ve said it time after time (after time, after time…) if the books in the juvenile section are older than the audience for which they are intended, they should at least be looked at for weeding potential.

Cyndi Lauper title page

Cyndi with mom and grandparents

Cyndi with boyfriend and manager

Cyndi Lauper with Johnny Carson

Cyndi Lauper wins awards

Cyndi Lauper career highlights


  1. It also contains some rather outdated information about NYC neighborhoods. I lived in Williamsburg during its brief transitional period from “working class neighborhood” through “low-rent Bohemia” to “overpriced hipster Hell.” It hasn’t been the former for a very long time.

  2. She’s recently won a Tony for Kinky Boots, and she did a song for Bob’s Burgers. She was also recently inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

    It totally went over my head at the time (of course), but “She Bop” is about female masturbation.

    Steinem is still relevant, and Ferraro is good to know. She kept Sarah Palin out of the book of firsts.

  3. I disagree with this cull. I discovered The Sex Pistols as a teenager in 1995 because of an old music book my library had!

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