Tricky Discs

Tricky Discs coverTricky Discs: Frisbee Saucer Flying

This is a very cool idea for a book.  I can see kids being interested in learning frisbee tricks.  In fact, I could get into that!  The pictures are soooo 1979, though, that it ruins the rest of the book.  The guy in the second picture below is about an inch shy of a wardrobe malfunction.


frisbee spin

frisbee throw under the leg

frisbee toss


  1. “Tricky Discs”: If the title of your book is a reference to something none of your target audience will understand, consider an updated work. Obviously if it’s a classic in the field, keep it alongside the new one.

  2. I remember this book–I think I found it in either my public or school library. I’m barely coordinated enough to throw a Frisbee, let alone do tricks with it, though.

  3. Thankfully, Ultimate Frisbee players have modernized along with other sports to wearing long shorts, except for the hipsters who wear short shorts in an ironic way.

    I actually think there aren’t enough books on frisbee out there, but this one should only be in collections of academic libraries for historical purposes or in my bookcase.

  4. Matthew McConaughey, is that you? (Dazed and Confused era)

    There are not enough disks on the cover for how many people there are.

  5. I think the third photo actually depicts Matthew McConaughey as he appeared in “Dazed and Confused.”

    “I loove high school girls – I keep gettin’ older and they just stay the same age.”

  6. This should be a movie a la “Blades of Glory” featuring two mismatched frisbee players who team up to win the coveted Golden Disk.

    Love the Pac-Man C’s in the font.

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