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star trek youth book cover

Star Trek: The Truth Machine

I found this while browsing a collection looking for something for a patron, and just got so excited. (I think the kid I was helping thought I was having some kind of “episode.”) I had to get my hands on this book! I am a fan of the original series and all the others. I also have an Enterprise pizza cutter, a Klingon dictionary, and a book of poetry by Mr. Spock.

This book reads like an episode, and the pictures do look like the characters.  However, I am not sure that I am the target market for the juvenile fiction section of a library. (I know a hundred adults that would get a kick out of this in a heartbeat.) Note the illustration where Mr. Spock breaks out PENCIL AND PAPER to draw up some plans!

Is juvenile fiction the best place for this? It would be a slam dunk for a book sale or an adult looking to re-live a few childhood moments. Modern kids? Probably not.

Live long and prosper,


UPDATE: It was announced today around 1pm EST that Leonard Nimoy passed away. Condolences to all who are feeling the loss. RIP Mr. Spock.


on the bridge of the Enterprise

Mr. Spock


  1. You know, Mary, there are still lots of official ST novelizations published each year, covering all the series. (-; Not usually pictures, though! I like those apemen wearing animal print togas.

    I wonder how many public libraries regularly buy them though, as well as the TV show-based books.


  2. I recently owned that (as well as another called Prisoner of Vega). Sold them for not a lot of money, but more than you’d typically get for a used book. The are was decent, and they were well made, still looking brand new after all those years. I can’t imagine today’s kids being interested in such a book, though.

  3. A timely subject for today, since Mr. Nimoy just passed away this morning. He certainly did live long and prosper. I’m one of those adults who would love this, but yeah, not sure how appropriate for today’s kids!

  4. It possible to buy a copy for 14 cents plus shipping on Many more are available at $1.

  5. ‘ “Gladly,” answered Mr Spock with a smile.” WHAT! Sacrelige! Vulcans don’t smile unless there is something dreadfully wrong. At least the illustrator knew this. (The pictures are rather good likenesses, actually.)
    Kids of today would be confused as to why Kirk, Spock and Uhura don’t look like Pine, Quinto and Saldana.
    Sad about Leonard Nimoy, loved his version of Spock. 🙁

  6. I was never much into Star Trek as a kid but I loved the Tribbles episode. The show used to be on every Saturday afternoons (in repeats).

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