Trashy Treasures

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How to Make Treasures from Trash
Family Fun, Elegant Creations, and Gifts Galore!

I can appreciate the whole recycling concept, its good for the planet. During my stint as a youth librarian, I liked being able to do arts and crafts with found or recycled materials. I think the crafts are just plain ugly. I think that I would rather have the trash. But hey, if you like these crafts, go right ahead and craft away. My only collection development comment is that we have to serve everyone, even those with bad taste.


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color pictures of trash


  1. Well there are a few that are okay if you imagine them without that awful greyish-yellow tinge 70’s pictures have. But the rest ARE very ugly.

  2. Fashions change in crafts, just like anything else. But I have to admit, I love the cozy — or whatever that is — in the television.

  3. Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor here but I don’t find these that ugly. While my mom didn’t have anything like this as she saw them as dust collectors I do remember a number of her older friends had things like these that they bought at craft fairs or made themselves.

  4. Besides the “are they useful” question everyone should ask, I will add “is it durable?”. Those foam cups will wear alot and fast.

  5. Why are those crafts so godsawful?

    *looks at publishing date*

    Ah. That explains everything!

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