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If you remember the Today Show from the late 1970s or early 80s, you might remember Dian Thomas and her lifestyle segments. She is still around, according to her website, as a speaker and author. The book is a bit dated, but the recipes are typical of the time, especially to my “sophisticated” Midwestern palate. Extra points for being pretty easy for my limited skills in the kitchen. Exception: I am not sure about the tomato soup cake recipe: cake =yes, tomato soup=yes. Together? Just not feeling it.

The book is a general all-purpose lifestyle cooking, entertaining, crafts, travel tips, etc. These type of books circulate pretty well and would have been an obvious choice 30+ years ago. I actually enjoyed going through this book, and wonder what 21st century ideas would be featured. Jane Pauley was my fashion role model at the time and I think I had a similar dress back in the early 80s.

If anyone needs me I will be in the stacks bemoaning my age and the bygone days when my biggest problem was finding paper for my typewriter and making it to class on time.


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  1. I swear that I have seen those cupcake cone things as a child. However, I am uncertain of the wisdom of baking them in your microwave with a styrofoam egg carton! Surely, that can’t be good for you health, right?

    1. Depends on temperature, I guess. I remember putting some McDonald’s burgers in the old styrofoam hatch containers into the oven to warm up. When I checked them, the burgers were warm. I don’t know about the containers because they were GONE! That was my chemistry lesson for the day!

  2. Actually, tomato soup cake is delicious! (from one who was raised old-school New England Yankee but now has a much broader palate). Kind of like applesauce cake or spice cake. Very moist.

    1. I agree. I used to make it quite often, and it was really good. I got the recipe from my sister-in-law, who came from New England.

  3. The tomato soup adds moisture. And a lot of sodium, but they now make a low-sodium version of condensed tomato soup.

  4. Intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting tomatoes in a fruit salad. 🙂

  5. Looking at the cover, I am moved to wonder: Why must all foods be made with faces on them? And what the [REDACTED] is going on with the clown totem pole? The only things that don’t have faces are the fruit “pizza” and the two weirdly red drinks. (Although, to be fair, the Nice Lady can’t help having a face… )

    1. I thought it was an Angry Birds totem pole, until I realized that it was 30 years too early.

  6. this book is somewhere in my mom’s house. i remember this lady used to come on the Today show in the 80s. she was always so enthusiastic and fun, a lot of good ideas i’ve done with my kids. there was a Halloween cake decorated with a ghost, the eyes were two halves of an eggshell, set afire with a sugar cube and lemon extract. a big hit with the kids.

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