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Doilies to Crochet for Little Hats

The word “doilies” always makes me think of my great-grandmother or any other seriously old person. I mean REALLY old. I can’t remember the last time I saw a doilies for decoration. Anyway, now doilies have a new purpose: little hats. The little hats are for decoration, not for wearing on tiny people. I am going to bet that the fashion trend of tiny hats isn’t as strong as it was back in the 80s.

If you are into the tiny hat thing, knock yourself out. In 20 plus years of librarianship, I have never had anyone ask about tiny hat decor. Hard to believe, but it’s true. Those of you with plenty of time on your hands might want to break out the crochet hook and make a tiny hat or two. Just because.


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  1. I cannot even begin to imagine what you would do with tiny doily hats. I do remember in the 80’s people would hang full size hats like that as “decoration”, but never tiny hats. Just yesterday, I saw a posting about terrible bridesmaid dresses. They were mostly from the 80’s and those all had these hats (but in full size of course!)

  2. I’m guessing my grandmother must have gone through this phase because I had one or two of these. I tried to use these for my Barbies, but they weren’t starched enough and were too big for the heads. So they just looked floppy. The only good reason I can see for making these is for doll hats. It just looks kind of silly to have doily hats all over the wall.

  3. these are the kinds of craft items that are not even worth your time. all that crochet action to end up with something ugly AND useless. in the same category: toilet tissue covers, cats in calico dresses for upright vacuum cleaners.

  4. To heck with that skull shawl I was going to make, I’m gonna crochet Little Hats!

  5. I absolutely love books about niche hobbies like this. You know 99.9% of people wouldn’t even look twice but you know there’s that ONE PERSON out there who sees this and thinks ‘finally! Someone GETS ME.’

  6. Not that I am craft enough to crochet anything, but this would be very cute for dolls. Popular enough to keep in a library? Probably not.

  7. I’m not a doll person, but that would be my take too: doll hats.
    Even better, for I am very much a dollshouse person: hats for dollshouse doll! (that would be a smaller size, of course.) Could be a nice decoration. They need not even be put on actual dollshouse dolls: strewn about throughout the rooms, hanging on a hook or draped on the bed — what could be better?

  8. Doilies always make me think of Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes saying “Doilies!” as if he was speaking of a particularly evil villain.

  9. I have a bunch of these my mother-in-law did and she wasn’t sure what to do with them and so, I was supposed to put them in my flea market booth. Not one sold.

  10. I have a tiny hat on a small stuffed lion! It is straw, though, not a doily. It was made for me by the sister of an ex — it looks nice on the lion but the lion would also look fine without it. I would never have sought one out, but I kept it as a symbol of a long-ago fond relationship. Wonder where they all are now…

  11. I have a bunch of these my Grandmother made. I think they were a fad in middle America farm country in the early 80’s. People really did hang them on their walls where they became dust collectors but when no one you know needs a doily or a wash cloth any more you need something new to make.

  12. Has anyone thought about how these could be used for holiday decorations? Done in jewel tones or metallic thread they’d look very nice on a Christmas tree. Also, they’re a natural for Easter egg trees. Decorated eggs and Easter bonnets seem like a very good mix if you’re into the aesthetic of the period.

  13. Somewhere, my grand mother’s place?, I saw these. They got crunchy from being exposed to that environment so long they could not be washed OR dusted effectively.

  14. We used to have this in the bookstore I worked in in the 1980s. I doubt very much that we sold it.

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