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The Geek’s Guide to Dating

I am just going to assume that librarians fall into the definition of “geek”. This little book uses a gaming metaphor for the entire book while dispensing some relationship advice. It is cute and more about the metaphor than any meaningful special advice for those with a geeky outlook on life.

This is also sitting in the 800s rather than 646.77 or any other Dewey. So even though it is dating/relationships, it is really a humor book. It went out a bunch of times when it was new, but has been languishing in the collection for the last couple of years. I also want to point out that as technology has evolved, I would imagine so has the technology based humor. Keep this in mind while weeding. While we know the tech, law, science type topics are subject to a short shelf life, topics related can also age just as fast.


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    1. Although those are dated, too — the movie was in 1986 and the TV show ended in 1998.

  1. I’d think it already might have been dated by 2013! The Donkey Kong cover and the “all your base” joke predate that by many years, which is equivalent to centuries in internet time.

  2. I’m happily married for
    16 years, but this book actually looks pretty funny. And I agree it’s humor, not relationships.

    I actually want to track it down and read it now.

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