Time to Dance!

Mambo Made Easy coverMambo Made Easy
Book Guild of America

Submitter: Though the information in these books are still relevant, and four of the five books still have the original 45 RPM records (!), the books are in rough physical condition and they never circulate. In addition, 60 years after their publication, YouTube is a more relevant source for dance instruction.

Mary: I love the pink cover. Lots of fun to look at, but probably useless for anything other than decorating a TGI Fridays.

Mambo Made Easy Table of Contents

The Mambo Charge

Record album

Mambo rhythm

Mambo rhythm

Mambo diagram with footsteps


      1. It looks like our stuff has trouble with Chrome. Holly and I are working with it, but sometimes it is there and all of sudden gone. Sorry.

    1. The pictures are blocked when I see this post on my feedreader, but when I come to the blog, I can see them.

  1. Put this in the book sale for its retro appeal, especially the copies with records intact!

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