Time to be a Daddy

expectant fathers

Expectant Fathers
Bittman and Zalk

Even in the late 1970s, dads were not always allowed to be a part of the birth process. Consider this a sensitive man’s guide to sharing the pregnancy experience. Lots of feels for everyone. There is very little specific childcare or pregnancy advice. This is more about including the dads. Good choice for the late 1970s, but out of place in today’s culture. I think we can retire this book without guilt.


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  1. I’ve never had a kid, but I think I’d err on the side of privacy. The trend of letting the in-laws and everyone else in the delivery room these days sounds disgusting to me.

    1. I don’t know details, but imagine the hospital has the right to exclude people if they would be a health hazard to the mother, child, or anyone else there.

  2. There are much more-recent books on the subject; I think “The Expectant Father” gets updated every few years.

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