Time for a Shower!

Bridal Shower Guidebook coverBridal Shower Guidebook
How to Host a Successful Bridal Shower

I am not a big fan of showers. Gifts are great to give (and get!) but my days of cute games and “ice breaker” activities are over. I don’t even want to do it ironically. ¬†Holly is also adverse to these kinds of activities in any context. I have seen her in many a seminar or meeting gritting her teeth about any “get to know” type of activities.

That said, I do think the library should have a wide variety of pary planning books like this. However, they do go out of style quickly for a public collection. This particular book is 30 years old and looks every bit that old. No attractive cover also limits the appeal. Time to weed.


Types of bridal showers

Bridal shower games

Bridal shower gifts


  1. These don’t sound like very exciting parties. I think I prefer the traditional English way – get completely rat-arsed and spend the weekend rampaging around Blackpool in high-heels and bunny ears.

  2. Idea shower? People generally offer unsolicited advice, why do you need to put it on index cards in a binder? Blanket cover? I am pretty sure that even salespeople at linen stores don’t know what a blanket cover is.

    1. I wouldn’t think a blanket needs a cover, but there are such things as duvet/comforter covers

      1. Ok, I looked it up. A blanket cover, aka coverlet, is used in place of a bedspread (the two *.com websites that defined “blanket cover” were sure to differentiate a blanket cover from a bedspread)

      2. My grandmother used them — delicate pretty things they are, which she may even have constructed herself. I use the present tense because my mother inherited them, and she uses them now!

  3. 1. Dishwasher Crab: Right on. I can’t remember if I’ve ever been to a bridal shower, but I’ve been to baby showers, and they have the same stupid games. Even getting rat-arsed would be preferable
    2. Showers were probably essential in the days when women got married at 18 and needed household stuff fast. Most people wait so long now to get married they probably have all the stuff on the lists, so what need is there for a shower? And I know I probably wouldn’t need really fancy china, crystal and silver. Not my taste at all
    3. As I’ve said before re wedding-related books, any book that assumes “wedding = one (1) bride + one (1) groom” went instantly obsolete with Obergefell v. Hodges (the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage)

  4. My mom has thrown a couple of baby showers for my aunts when they were pregnant. I thought the games she had were fun, like putting a diaper on a baby doll while wearing oven mitts. I don’t even drink alcohol and don’t get why everyone else thinks they have to get hammered in order to have a good time. At least I won’t wake up brutally hungover with vague memories of acting like an idiot, or worse.

  5. I was 20 when this book came out so this was pretty much my life between 1985-1995. Bridal showers galore with all these games. But alas, I was always a bridesmaid and never a bride. And Jim, the mops are a suggested shower gift, not a tool for the shower itself :-).

    1. Well, I do on occasion — if a garment is not lined, they moderate static cling, they make a smoother line under a skirt, and they prevent see-through — a slip would have prevented that “shocking” picture of then-Lady Diana in her transparent skirt.

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