Time for a Makeover!

Lucille Roberts cover

The Lucille Roberts
14 day makeover plan

I never heard of Lucille Roberts, but I guess she is pretty well known around New York. Roberts opened a chain of budget health clubs aimed at women in 1969. Although Roberts died in 2003 from lung cancer at only 59, her fitness clubs are still going strong in the tri-state area.

Like many makeover books, there is the obligatory “you can do it” inspiration followed by diets, exercise programs, hair and makeup. In no time you will be your best looking self, and men will like you!

I have decided that books published around this time always put the author’s picture on the cover. Lucille’s make up and the soft focus portrait are kind of frightening today, but not so bad for the early 1980s. Those eyebrows!


Lucille Robert back cover

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  1. Soooooo. . . .if Lucille was 59 at her death in 2003, she is only 36 as pictured here in 1980? Wow, styles have really changed, haven’t they?

  2. If the end goal of the makeover is to look something like the cover photo, I’d withdraw this one with prejudice…

  3. I’m sure she never expected bushy eyebrows to be a “thing.” It took till 2019, but we can lay down the tweezers! So glad there are “medical men” who encourage physical fitness (eyeroll)!

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