Tie One On!

Sensational ScarfsSensational Scarfs

I thought the plural of scarf was SCARVES.

Anyway, the information isn’t too bad. It is basic instruction on how to tie a scarf in different ways.  Keep it, if you can’t find anything better or more current. The best picture is the scarf made into a rather flimsy top. I keep thinking if that poor model sneezes funny she could be showing off more than she intended.

If you look at the first picture below, I believe I had that exact hair and scarf accessory circa 1985-86.  It was my “professional” look.  I am sure I just oozed professional woman power!


scarf ties

multiple scarf dressing

cool look for hot days

Sensational Scarfs back cover


  1. I bought a scarf a few years ago to perk up a plain black dress I had. When I went to put it on, I realized I had no idea how to arrange it or how it should look! I just went online and Googled “how to tie a scarf” and got a lot of great tips. It would never have even occurred to me to look for a whole book on the subject.

  2. I, too, thought the plural of “scarf” is “scarves.” When I was much, much younger, one popular word of slang was “scarf” meaning “to eat,” and THAT plural was “scarfs.” For example, “Did you see how much pizza John can scarf down? He often scarfs down three at one sitting.”

  3. Good think this season’s scarves are extra long, wide, and ruffled. I will need a lot of yardage to swath myself with a “wild, jungle look”!

  4. Ok I actually need this book haha I only know how to tie a scarf like 3 ways lol I need some options!!!

  5. My two sisters and I used to use large scarves for dress-up when we were kids in the ’80s. I know how to make a halter top using two scarves that would actually stay in place (unlike the one in this book!). Seeing how worn all these ’80s books look now makes me feel kind of old….

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