Those Were the Days

Themesongs coverThe TV Theme Song Sing-Along Songbook

Submitter: Here’s a blast from the past! What’s crazy is that the public library this book came from was recently rebuilt/added onto and every book was re-shelved. You’d think someone would have noticed this?

I’d say it’s an awful library book because the information can probably be found elsewhere and the lack of cover art. I did enjoy the sponsor jingles scattered throughout the book and various ‘show notes’. I was also a little surprised by the 1984 copyright. People had to wait almost 30 years to know some if their favorite theme songs?

Holly: This book has nostalgia value, but is likely to get lost in the stacks due to its uninviting cover. The contents aren’t awful, but if space is an issue at your library it is an easy choice for weeding. A quick google for “tv theme songs sheet music” brings up all kinds of options, although they are not all free. It isn’t hurting anything on the shelves, but you’ll probably need to hand sell it to get any takers. It wouldn’t even do well on a display with that ugly mug.

I have “THOSE WERE THE DAYYYYYYS” Edith Bunker style on repeat in my head. And now you do too. You’re welcome.

Courtship of Eddie's Father

Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith

All in the Family


  1. I used to have this book. It had a paper cover that went missing somewhere along the way.

    (I have no idea how true it is, but it claims that Shirley Jones had to learn to drive a manual transmission in order to operate the Partridge Family bus.)

  2. I would have been all over this book in 1984 and frequently sought out similar TV song and trivia books. I would have loved the old shows, they were all still playing on smaller cable stations, which we picked up with our fancy TV converters.

    I had no idea the Andy Griffith show theme had lyrics.

    1. yeah, the Dick Van Dyke theme also has lyrics. something like “and dont forget your coat and hat.”
      i think i saw Carl Reiner on a show once talking about it.

    2. Apparently a fair few TV Show themes have lyrics. Writing lyrics for the show’s theme gets a songwriter credit, and a share of the royalties, even if the version that goes to air doesn’t use the lyrics. The composer of the Star Trek theme, Alexander Courage, was apparently pretty furious about Roddenberry pulling this on him.

        1. He did that though because Paramount was trying to cheat him out of money he was owed, so this was his way of getting them to pay up. Perhaps if he had explained he was trying to get what he was cheated out of to Alexander the dude would’ve forgiven Gene.

  3. Songs — those with actual lyrics — kick my memory into high gear, even when I was a tiny tot. Thus, a favorite game I played with my late husband was to have him name a show or product, and have me sing the theme or jingle. He would have loved this book.

    Also, there’s nothing like a five-year-old singing, “Who is the Ale Man/He Could Be You!” at the top of her lungs.

    Is this really a weeder? I’d bet a nickle that if you had it near the returns counter and held open somehow, it would be in constant circulation.

  4. I own this book as well, and it had an attractive paper cover. I would still check this out today – just to find out the words to the Andy Griffith song!

    This might circulate if you had an open book display .

  5. I wonder if it includes the terrible lyrics Gene Roddenberry wrote to the “Star Trek” theme so that he could collect royalties.

  6. “Disco Duck and and Fleetwood Mac,
    Coming out of my 8-track,
    Micheal Jackson still was black,
    Those were the DAAAAAAAYS!”
    -Homer and Marge Simpson

  7. This one I would argue isn’t a weeder because you never know when someone might want a copy of those songs. For instance, last year I actually asked for a copy of The Fishin’ Hole because I sing and and I fish. In fact, we have a library in my system that is a huge sheet music repository and you can get almost any out of print song through them.

    Oddly enough though they did not have Ah-Ha’s Take On Me. I had to do an ILL for that.

  8. What an inspiring cover! This book on the library shelf is like mystery meat in the school cafeteria! Promise me: if you keep it, find an image of the book jacket and make a replacement cover!

  9. The “lack of cover art” and “uninviting cover” are because this book has been rebound in plain buckram. Whoever sent it to the bindery should have had them do a mounted cover to preserve some of the graphics.

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