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Taryn Goes to the Dentist coverTaryn Goes to the Dentist

Submitter: I weeded this from my elementary school library last year. I didn’t take any photographs of the inside of the book, but there were several more that showed the little girl’s panties. While the content is useful (it describes what a child will experience at the dentist’s office) the pictures were so dated and inappropriate that I felt it needed to go. (Yes, Taryn is a young child, but if she had been dressed in shorts or pants there would be nothing to distract from the message of the book, and it would have been more appropriate.)

Holly: The whole thing looks dated, from the title font to the background. And seriously, publishers, she would have been so much cuter with her legs down! Was this necessary?

Mary: The edition I looked at was sent to the bindery and was in near mint condition. My favorite part is the lack of gloves and masks by the staff. Perhaps a review of aseptic technique is in order? And lest we forget, little Taryn is probably pushing 30 by now.

Dentist waiting room

Dental cleaning

Dentist gives a prize

Giant toothbrush


  1. Here we are talking about her panties showing, and then the dentist says he likes what she’s wearing! How about “I like your smile. Let’s take a look at those teeth” instead?
    At least she’s wearing tights.
    I remember the dentist treat box!

  2. Yes, Jill Krementz was married to Kurt Vonnegut, and I always believed she did a great job with these photograph-centered books for children. I remember reading her “A Very Young…” athlete series. But yes, clearly our attitudes about appropriate clothing for children have changed.

  3. I suspect it is that Jill Krementz. She wrote and photographically illustrated a great many children’s books, many of them A Very young…” On Amazon, I find “Lily Goes to the Playground” with a crotch shot (Lily has on pants rather than tights) on the cover..

    1. @Kathy–off topic: Love your kitty avatar. Reminds me of our gray cat…he would always give us the same “buzz-off” look. Is the fur super-plush, like a rabbit or chinchilla? Does kitty say “moo”?

  4. You’re really upset that the photos show a bit of this little girl’s panties? Really? No one wants to see children sexualized (think “Honey Boo Boo” and its ilk) but isn’t this taking things too far? I take as much umbrage with this irrational fear as I do with those that go ballistic when they see photos or film of children playing naked. Honestly, if someone’s going to get off on a child, they’ll find a way no matter what. Cull this book because of its outdated content, NOT because YOU are overreacting.

  5. Dentistry has changed a lot in 30 years: more computers, more masks and gloves, some different tools and procedures.

    Now I kinda wish my dentist had a giant toothbrush.

  6. Well said John. Weed this book because it is out of date, not because Holly has a mucky mind.

  7. In regards to the panty shots, there’s also the fact that any kid in the target age range for this book is going to find them pretty distracting–not in a sexual way, but in a “Ha ha, you can see her panties! Mommy, why is that girl showing her panties at the dentist? Why isn’t she wearing bicycle shorts under her skirt? Why doesn’t her mommy tell her to put her legs down?” etc. kind of way.

  8. What on earth has she got on her shoes? On the cover it’s on the ankle of her tights, but in one of the page shots it’s all over the dentist’s chair.

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