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Your Environment and what you can do about it

Your Environment and What You Can Do About It

Submitter: So the topic isn’t bad, but the book and the outdated content definitely is for a high school library! When your non-fiction books still consider estimations on what emissions will be in the 1980s to be ‘projected’, it’s time to get something newer. The outdated list of committees and government officials to contact is also pretty bad. How many kids even know what a wave comb or an electronic swizzle stick even is?!

Holly: How many adults know what that is? I don’t…but then, this book was published before I was born.

Mary: Sadly, I do know about electronic swizzle sticks and wave combs. One is for cocktails and the other is for hair. Now, get off my lawn.

Nineteenth Century Technology

Saving electricity

congressional committees


  1. Yeah, but the underlying message — saving water and electricity — is still valid, eh?

    (I’m looking forward to the new “look” of your site!)

  2. @D: Yes, so there should be (and are) plenty of replacements that cover things like sleep mode settings in consumer electronics and alternatives to “high wattage bulbs”.

  3. Notice that the emissions table doesn’t even list carbon dioxide. The term “global warming” wouldn’t even be coined until 1975!

  4. What’s REALLY depressing is how CURRENT this book is. The internal combustion engine is still a huge problem. Solid waste is still a huge problem. Water conservation is more important than ever.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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