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Actor's Guide to the Internet Actor’s Guide to the Internet

Submitter: Both of these were still on the shelf in 2020 (well, until today), right next to each other in 792.02. Dig the lack of google in favorite search engines, and the assertion that the websites for Borders (RIP), Barnes and Noble and Amazon blur together in the author’s mind!

Public library weeding tip: search the phrase “Computer Network Resources — Directories” to find these relics that aren’t in the 005s or 020s. There were a LOT of printed guides to websites on a specific topic published from 1997-2002, and they’re hiding in places like 598.07 (Internet Guide to Birds and Birding: The Ultimate Directory to the Best Sites Online, 2000) and 629 (Automotive Web Sites, 1999). My library got rid of those “internet yellow pages” directories 10 years ago, but these got missed since they weren’t with the computer/web titles.

Holly: Click through for the second title, below. It’s just as underwhelming as you imagine. 20 years will do that to an Internet directory.

Theatre Sources Dot Com: A Complete Guide to Online Theatre and Dance Resources

Theatre Sources Dot Com


    1. Me too! And we just lost our downtown Barnes and Nobles last weekend here in Seattle too. It’s so sad

  1. When you call a reference book “complete” the dang thing will be outdated by the time it gets processed and is on the library shelf.

  2. Oh dear. Two questions: 1) How many of the websites referenced in these books are still around 20 years on? (Not too many, I’ll bet.)
    2) Does that first book still have it’s “Interactive CD Rom”? Highly unlikely.

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