The Teen Vegetarian

Teen Vegetarian coverThe Teen Vegetarian: A Teen Nutrition Book

Submitter: I don’t know how this one has managed to survive on the shelf for this long. I’m usually very strict with the health and diet collections. While the content of this one isn’t terribly bad, no teen is ever going to crack open a book with that cover. In my library, this one is even less likely to pull any circs as it pre-dates the creation of our YA non-fiction collection and was hiding in with the general non-fiction collection.

Holly: I wish Submitter had included page 14 (below) because I want to see how that paragraph ends. A loin-clothed Indian hermit? Really? Vegetarianism is much  more popular and mainstream now than it was even in 1991, so I doubt that’s what teens think of when they hear the word “vegetarian.” Also, what the heck are those things on the cover? Squashes? White eggplants? This is a very bizarre cover! It is cut off, and the full-length image is on Amazon, but this is still pretty odd.

teen vegetarian front flap

The vegetarian teen chapter 1

lentil-rice loaf


  1. OMG. What sort of a weird psychedelic mash-up IS going on on that cover? Looks like a rave with parsnips and banana, as noted, with special guests mandrake root and kohlrabi.

  2. Other countries have had vegetarian food for centuries. Still not sure why Americans have put up with baked doorstops like page 79.

    1. I think this has something to do with the protein portion needing to be 1/3 of the plate (the meat analogue), along with the obligatory potatoes and cooked green vegetable. That’s how I grew up anyway, and my mother discovered vegetarian cooking back in the 70s. Now we see far more one-bowl complete meal dishes.

  3. That lentil rice loaf is pretty much the exact same recipe I found in the (admittedly small) vegetarian section of my great-grandma’s cookbook from the 40s. So glad the whole vegetarian thing has become a much greater part of the general consciousness in the US.

  4. new York’s hottest club is the vegetarian teen! it’s got everything: giant hot pink maple leaves, banana piercers, ghost cherries, and who just walked in? Michael beckham? no it’s two giant mutant parsnips with tiny carrot antenae!

    1. That cover alone would turn me off of vegetarianism. Like if I do become vegetarian, that the veggies that don’t do anything to me normally are suddenly going to make me feel like I’m on a bad acid trip.

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