The Sisters Teach Manners

Manners Make a Difference coverManners Make a Difference
Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis of the Perpetual Adoration

Holly: This book was submitted from a Catholic school.  That was certainly an appropriate place for it…57 years ago.  Now it’s ridiculous for most libraries. It gives advice for talking on telephone party lines.  It also says (last image below) that meals are usually served at no cost on airplanes, and that if you smoke while on a plane, you should be courteous to those around you.

Mary:  I get a kick out of old etiquette books and some of the super cool advice the old school nuns handed out.  This whole book got my husband and I talking about Cheech and Chong’s bit called Sister Mary Elephant. I found a clip on Youtube (you can click here for a listen) and the series of books Last Catholic in America by John Powers which have been re-released by Loyola Press. Remember, Jesus loves well-behaved children best of all.telephone manners

long distance and party lines

Clothing and modesty

traveling by plane


  1. Was it really customary to wait at least ten rings? I know I was taught when I was little (several decades after this) that if they hadn’t picked up by about 5 rings, they weren’t going to and you should hang up. I waited once to see how long it would ring and they disconnect you at about 12, or at least they did then.

    I don’t think I want to wear “sandals that are fragile in fabric and construction.” It doesn’t sound like they’d last long.

    I want to hear more about these pagan and atheistic clothing styles. I bet they’d still be extraordinarily conservative by today’s standards.

  2. Tsk. I need to pay more attention to my street costume and find harmonious gloves and hats!

  3. Manners don’t go out of style, what makes up manners does. You should still be courteous on the phone, but you’d be hard pressed to find an operator to practice your manners on.

    Also, the cover looks like a Scandinavian flag

  4. If you show up at the airport half an hour before the flight, good luck. You won’t even be able to check your baggage in that time, let alone get through security or anywhere near the gate.

    Also chuckling at, “A man never uses perfumes or strongly scented soaps or lotions.”

  5. I do like the advice about not buying clothes you can’t afford, and being happy with what you have. Even if it appears on the same page as warning about ‘pagan’ clothing!

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