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Submitter: I had completely forgotten about the blog hysteria of a decade ago, and this was confused when I came across this title in the “Current Controversies” series for high school students (so not really suitable for our college library, but that’s another issue). I could not fathom how kitten pics and *cough* library books could constitute a “controversy.” Apparently back them we thought blogs would upset the balance of civil life and undermine the social order. Little did we know that would actually be Twitter. I’m going to use this example to show my staff that bad books aren’t always super old. This is a ten year old title and it’s already eight years too old.

Holly: Goodness knows that Mary and I are accused of ruining civilization on a semi-daily basis with our little dog and pony show here. We started ALB in 2009, and the accusations are going strong in 2018! Out of curiosity, I took a look at the Opposing Viewpoints database to see if blogs or blogging is included as a category. It isn’t…but “fake news in social media” is there. That makes sense – Submitter nailed it with Twitter as their example. So, we’ll carry on with business as usual here at ALB, ruining civilization one weeded book at a time.

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Amateur Journalists' blogs spread misinformation


  1. I never really understood why people post their most most personal thoughts online and then get ticked off when nobody reads it because it wasn’t long before that you’d get ticked off if you put your most personal thoughts in a diary and then someone else *did* read it.

    1. Truth 🙂 You’ve made my day! (Now recalling those dinky little keys that came with diaries…as if a good pair of scissors wouldn’t slice open the latch!)

    2. And not just read it…comment, like, share, participate, view the video, play the game, take the survey…!

  2. I, too, am an unreformed blogger. Which is one reason why I rarely write about current events; I don’t really want to be followed by a troll army. When someone figures out how to make trolls obey commands (without being Sauron or someone similar) let me know…

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