The Real Me

Real Me Please Stand Up cover

Will the Real Me Please Stand Up!

Creepy cover alert!

The copy I got a hold of smells like my grandma’s basement. Other than that, the content isn’t too bad. If you’re into this sort of thing – it’s written by Seventh Day Adventist authors about Christian life and religious identity – then you could probably do worse (but you could definitely do better!). I looked up this title on the Pacific Press Publishing site, and they are no longer selling it.

The cover is pasted from the paperback onto a re-bound edition, and it has a note inside that it was rebound in 1995. Was it worth it? If you have a large, active Seventh Day Adventist community, then mayyyyyybe. Otherwise, not really.


Hole Inside

Catching the Picture

How do I know who I am


  1. This books was considered worthy of publication? I get more inspiration out of sitting on a hard pew.

  2. The university I went to was Seventh-Day Adventist and the town the university was in was predominately people of that faith. I don’t think any of my classmates would have picked this up in the library.

  3. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned the creepy masks on the cover. I would have pulled it based on those abominations alone!

    1. Totally. I love masks but those Creepy Clear masks look like a Seventies Dystopian SciFi scene, or worse, ventriloquist dolls—which freak me out like Mary is freaked by clowns (which freak me out too).

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