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Permanent cooking pleasure

Cooking Pleasure
Permanent Cookware

Who knew cooking was all about the pleasure? Doesn’t this couple look like they are having a good time? You just know that the guy in the picture is just so happy to give his wife some cookware. The recipes are typical of the period and are not really that exciting. I am a bit disturbed about the recipe called Mock Lobster. Not sure “mock” anything is going to be that good.

Now go forth and experience the pleasure!


deviled eggs and sandwich

recipes for deviled eggs

pork chops

recipes for pork chops



  1. Sheesh! Bad enough you’re going to eat it, but mocking the poor lobster as well just seems cruel.
    On a serious note, I doubt pickling spices would make any fish taste remotely like lobster.

  2. It’s well nigh impossible for me to read “Mock Lobster” without immediately hearing the B-52’s.

  3. In the 60s my mother made a lot of “mock” meals! Mock veal birds… mock chop suey… I think the basis for most of them was ground beef.
    Plus, one of the world’s most famous “mock” recipes would be “mock turtle soup,” again using either ground beef, or “mock turtle!”

    My grandmother made mock apple pie with Ritz crackers, and if you didn’t think about how it was crackers, was pretty good! It did taste like apple pie, and even had the layers like slices of fruit. Not very healthy though…

  4. In Alice in Wonderland the Mock Turtle is a calf with a sea turtle’s shell and flippers because mock turtle soup is made from veal.

  5. Not even a real cookbook, just a promotional item.That book actually came, originally, with a set of cookware. They also used to give them away, if you sat through a demonstration of the product. My mom had a different edition of this; she got it for watching a demo at the state fair. (Which she did just to get out of a sudden rainstorm)

  6. Yet another old recipe book with unappealing photos. I’ve often wondered if the printing technology wasn’t up to snuff and these pictures always looked unappetizing or whether they’ve simply faded with time. Nowadays, with most recipes online and photoshopped, it’s rare to see something that you wouldn’t want to eat.

  7. When I saw the cover, I thought it *had* to be another Friday Fiction! “She thought he was just another shallow, vain man… but only he understood her passion for cookware!”

  8. Unless they happen to come straight from the hen, who in this country at least lets eggs come to room temperature before cooking them? Easier to take them out of the fridge

    1. As it happens, there are a lot of recipes that work out better if eggs are at room temperature; you may get higher volume in your cakes, for example. Fortunately, a warm (not hot) water immersion is a rapid way to achieve this.

      Also, there are a LOT of countries where eggs are never refrigerated. A New Zealand friend was appalled when she found out we routinely refrigerate eggs.

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