The “Now” Look

complete book of Men's hairstyles

Complete Book of Men’s Hairstyles and Hair Care
Rudoy and Cordwell

Men! Are you in the market for a new look? This is your chance to make a statement with your hair. All the favorite looks are here. Try the California look. The long hair with curled ends really goes together with a stylish leisure suit. You will also be happy to know that sideburns can go well with the center-parted smooth short look. It’s not a hippie look, but short and modern. This is your chance to be fashionable, but not sloppy.

There is something so fun about looking at hairstyles of yesteryear. I had a relative that had hair like Mr California. (First image) I have to say that my favorite hairstyle is the one next to it where it looks like the man is shaped his hair like a butt. It’s probably the sideburns that pull the whole look together. My grandfather would have said that all these looks are terrible and make the guys look like hippie communists.

I will also add that many a boy at my high school sported a leisure suit for our homecoming dances in the 1970s.



salt and pepper

long and smooth

fashionably long

balanced accents

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  1. These guys were absolutely fashionable for their time. Although maybe not Mr. Butt-shaped hair.

    Page 36-37 are really working the Bobby Sherman look. Page 26 wants to be “Barney Miller”.

    The college student picture looks like about 70% of the senior boys’ photos in my high school yearbooks.

    1. Ha! I thought the exact same thing regarding the Bobby Sherman and Hal Linden (Barney Miller) looks!

  2. The faces – hair and all – are enjoyable to peruse. The paperclip looked like a fashion accessory at first, but was too shiny for the by-now dull ink.

  3. In my experience of the 1970s, when white men grew their hair there was usually no subsequent grooming or styling because of fears about looking like a cissy.

    So the hair would be worn as if it were still short. It was seldom combed, and as even shampooing was suspiciously girly the hair was frequently lank and greasy.

    It got in the way because tying it back also looked unmanly. This led to tension in occupations where it needed to be restrained, such as food production and engineering.

    All this trouble was because of homophobia.

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