The Newest in Tech Trends: Blogs!

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Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content

I hear that blogging thing is all the rage. It doesn’t seem that 2003 was that long ago, but in the world of technology trends, it is practically ancient. I remember having to convince the “old timers” that computers and tech support were going to be a major part of library service. I hit the world of libraries in 1998 and had been to many meetings where the resistance to technology was palpable.  At the ALA convention in 2009 Holly and I gave a presentation on how tech support is very much a part of reference service. Most of the audience was on board with our ideas, but I distinctly remember more than a few scowls (complete with crossed arms) on our evidently controversial topic. I hope they are long retired or at the great big reference desk in the sky waiting on some irritating patrons. (Just kidding, sort of.)


PS. Just because I was curious about the tech trends of 2003, take a look at this list of trends from LITA at the 2003 ALA conference. Blogging is in there!

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  1. AIM was disbanded I think a year ago. It is amazing how many web applications still let you specify it. I’m looking at you phpBB and WordPress…

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