The New Woman Gets Hitched

Getting Married coverThe new woman’s guide to getting married
McCord Leo

Submitter: A reference question brought me into the wedding books collection and I came across this book. I was surprised it was still circulating with a checkout just last year. Toned and dated, I thought I was going to find a real humdinger – but the info in the book was not that bad. It’s still worth weeding and replacing with something more modern that includes up-to-date financials and includes non-heterosexual couples.

Holly: The photos! Absolutely stunning. Oh, wait…there aren’t any.

Trauma or Triumph

Long Distance Wedding

Home Sweet Weddings


Laces and Embroideries


Unusual Receptions

Money and Law



  1. The content is “not that bad”?? Good grief. I’d weed this in a heartbeat. I see nothing of value here, nothing that wouldn’t be repeated in a more modern context by any of thousands of other contemporary books. It’s just so dreary. Enough to put you off the whole idea!

  2. My daughter is getting married next year, so this is fascinating. I love the menus– very 1982! Is there something wrong with me that I want to own for myself so many of the books that appear on this website! What a piece of cultural history.

    1. There will be a Memorial Library somewhere – I’m thinking Buffalo – that exists solely to keep books that landed on this site, and it will attract the same sort of interest, patronage, and scholarship that 221B Baker St / ACD’s Sherlock Holmes stories do now.

  3. It’s a pleasant surprise to see that most of this info is still sound advice. Swap out that anecdote about the phone company for a Zoom call, and this book could be useful today – although some illustrations would be a big improvement.

  4. Pretty basic and much of it would work today, except for the Picturephone part.

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