The “New” Secretary

the new secretary

The New Secretary
How to Handle People As Well as You Handle Paper

The “new” secretary is now kind of old. It even seems a bit old for 1985. I believe that now they are administrative assistants. I haven’t heard the word secretary unless it is in reference to a presidential cabinet post.

The advice presented is so outdated it’s laughable. Boss making the move on you? Just say no! It’s cute how they just assume that a no and a professional demeanor is all that is required to keep a predatory boss in check.

There is an optimistic tone to the book and that a team effort and agreeableness is all you need to have a successful career in an office. Everyone knows there is much more going on and that office politics is actually a thing. As of this writing, this was in a college library. There have also been additional editions (latest is 2000) according to Worldcat.


new boss

socializing with the boss




  1. That’s a good list of bad bosses but “public executor boss?” I think they mean executioner — an executor’s the guy who carries out wills.

  2. Maybe the “new secretary” should listen to yesterday’s tape on how to get rid of sexual harassers?

  3. To be fair, plenty of workplaces are not hostile or offensively ill managed. Advice for dealing with those is needed in books like this, but the advice that is given is sound. If it’s deficient in warning against depraved bosses/coworkers, that can be justification for weeding. (Also the suggestion that the new hire be responsible for making sure a column of numbers was added properly!)

  4. In most offices, “administrative assistants” are a thing of the past as well. In many large organizations today, only the C-suite leaders have “executive assistants” — and they often wield a large amount of power. Everyone else relies on their computers to manage their work.

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