The Loss Pot: A Big Sad Stew

Help for the Hard Times coverHelp for the Hard Times: Getting Through Loss

Submitter: Withdrawn from private high school library. Because: Come on! Teenagers are way more sophisticated than this. Treating them as if they were 5 is not going to help them get over a loss. Plus, it’s just plain awful. Loss pot: a big sad stew… Seriously!

Holly: I have yet to see a book for kids about grief and loss – or feelings of any kind, actually – that is not ridiculous.

Help for the Hard Times - background

Tears are like rain

The Loss Pot - a big sad stew



  1. Call me crazy but I actually like the tips from “page 71” – I think they’re realistic and actionable for someone grieving, even if the quote at the top made me roll my eyes. However, the stew is stupid and the cover is another turn-off.

    1. Yes, I thought all those tips were very good, too. Look after yourself and don’t take on anything stressful that you don’t have to is excellent advice.

  2. Just ordered this for our “Addiction Recovery Collection,” in an attempt to fit in some Alateen literature. Mistakes…were made.

  3. The tips on page 71 are things just about every teen is already aware of but will roll their eyes at the mention of them, and the sad stew with the hideously drawn boy will make them unable to unroll them. Although life is a lot like eating stew. It can be bland and boring, or rich and flavorful, and there’s always at least one thing in it that you don’t like. For me, it’s turnips. And cabbage. And onions, and… actually I don’t like stew much at all.

  4. Teens cook stew? Since when?
    But yeah, I agree the info presented seems good. The execution, tho…

  5. I was surprised when I realised the illustrator wasn’t the author. That just doesn’t look like art you pay someone else to do.

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