The Librarian’s Secret Scandal

Librarian's Secret Scandal coverThe Librarian’s Secret Scandal

Bad girl turns responsible librarian! Lily is flirting with danger and now Sheriff Wes Colton is getting involved. Gossip is everywhere. Just so you know, I just purchased (at retail!) this myself and will donate it to the library after I am done savoring all the good parts. I wish the cover art had more “library” to it, but at least our heroine on the cover is not wearing glasses or has her hair in a bun. I love the description of “earthy beauty.”

Hope all you bad girl librarians run out and request a copy asap!


Librarian's Secret Scandal back cover


  1. I think the back blurb would read better with slightly different punctuation:

    “…until she fled with a terrible secret: she’s now a responsible librarian.”

  2. She dog-ears books, right? She probably even scribbles in library books! That has to be her dark secret! That or she keeps teen non-fiction way past its expiration date. *GASP* All are certainly crimes in my book.

  3. She’s responsible, but nobody believes she’s changed? So it would not faze the townspeople to go to the library and find the doors locked because she’s run away again? Huh..well, go Wes. Show those pesky townspeople the truth!

  4. Ug! I am so sick and tired of Navy seals, sheiks, Greek tycoons, and various princes.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – instead of another “The Greek Sheik Tycoon’s Pregnant Virgin Librarian Mistress” I want “The Jewish Musician’s Sexually Repressed Bride.”

    And maybe she can be a library clerk instead of a librarian.

  5. Are there any romances where the heroine falls for the manly, sturdy, sensitive, quiet, vest-wearing man-brarian?

  6. Brady, there’s the librarian movies on tnt with a very nerdy-awesome hero. There kinda like Indiana Jones, if it was a bit sillier, with a librarian!

  7. Brady, having her fall for the “manly, sturdy, sensitive, quiet, vest-wearing man-brarian” would be kind of futile, don’t you think? He probably already has a boyfriend.

  8. LOL@ Jamie–“Greek tycoon, prince, etc.” Also, “The Jewish Musician’s Sexually Repressed Bride”. I REALLY want to read that book!

  9. @Loribl – Me too. Just got to find someone who’s good at writing to write it. I can come up with characters and plots. Just can’t write worth a darn.

  10. Speaking of sandalous secrets.
    I recently read a short story in which the main character (a male librarian (gasp!) and general troublemaker) got caught by the janitor shelving books in the wrong order – on purpose!

    He punished the evil-doer by locking him in the basement storage of the library. The story ended on the janitor thinking maybe he’ll let him out by Monday…

    Can’t remember the author, one of those young and upcoming ones I think.
    I’ll try to make the book reappear somehow..

  11. The cover art might have more “library” than you see at first glance – my bookworm sister (who studied library sciences) and her new husband (an ex-Navy SEAL) recently moved to Condon, MT – that log cabin is pretty much exactly how the Condon library looks. And yes, there are hitching posts nearby in case you ride in.

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