Friday Fiction: The Librarian’s Passionate Knight

The Librarian's Passionate Knight coverThe Librarian’s Passionate Knight

It is still the 16th, so I think I need to make one more post for National Library Week.  Call it a bonus post!  I totally dig these romance titles!  Of course I had to snatch this title out of a co-worker’s hands!  I keep thinking the title would have been better if is was the Librarian’s passionate NIGHT, but it still works.  It looks like our heroine is considered to be an “innocent, bespectacled, librarian”.  Our hero is a “sexy as sin” wealthy, thrill seeker.  Throw in a stalker ex-boyfriend and we have some serious romantic drama going down! This sounds like story we just can’t miss!

My only other comment is the cover art is showing some very sloppy book processing as well as some ancient looking books (I hope she weeds regularly!)  Better alert tech services!


The Librarian's Passionate Knight back cover


  1. A stalker ex and a hot thrill-seeker, eh? All we need now is the troubled teen with the David Bowie bedroom and we’d be set for characters! Anybody out there thinking of doing fan fiction based on ALB titles? It would be worth a shot, eh?

  2. So–where do Frank, Marie, Ray, and Robert fit into the Barone Dynasty? They must be the “poor relations”.

    Also–big ups to the cover art for top she’s wearing, and for allowing her to hold her glasses, rather than wear them.

  3. No, Fantasio, it’s her required glasses. All librarians must have them whether they need them or not.

  4. It’s her spectacles! Librarians have to be bespectacled >:(

    @L.B.: Yes I’ve thought of it. I haven’t done too much yet but had some ideas.

  5. Oh you’re right that’s glasses, for some reasons I only saw the arm of her glasses and mistook it for a needle – which made her look pretty dangerous !

  6. I’ve got a pair of sunglasses – does that count?
    @Lurker: Awesome! Why not a mystery story? Our shy librarian heroine stumbles over a body in the awesome David Bowie bedroom and it’s up to her to solve the crime. Suspects: the troubled teen, the gorgeous guy, Joy Berry Wilt, and somebody from those old geography books.

  7. It’s kind of nice to see a librarian showing a little tasteful skin, rather than the buttoned up, repressed looking librarians on the covers of the other romance titles.

  8. BTW, am I the only one who winces when I see an action flick with a scene in a library? I just know that the stacks are going to tumble like dominoes. I always think of the poor librarian who has to pick up all the titles and put them back on the shelves.

  9. Her workplace attire (sleeveless! Yikes!) wouldn’t fly in our library! LOL

    Why do romance writers always assume that librarians are desperate romantically?

  10. @L.B.: I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll try some ideas and see what people think!

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