The Liberated Man

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The Liberated Man
Beyond Masculinity: Freeing Men and Their Relationships With Women

This book is all about masculinity and the response to the women’s movement. Farrell’s book suggests that men do benefit from gender equality. Gender roles and other societal pressures get in the way of a true mature relationship. For the time, this was a pretty groundbreaking book.  He talks about the ten commandments of masculinity which include cultural rules such as don’t show vulnerability or emotions; always have an answer to all problems at all times. Though dated, it might make an interesting discussion topic for men and women today. He has other books that garnered more controversy. Depending on your collection objectives, you might find a place for this book.


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  1. He must have been trying to come up with a different word for wife or girlfriend, maybe a vague unisex title like we use ‘partner’ now? He keeps saying ‘attache,’ as though she’s a suitcase.

  2. Now I want to know what he meant by attache. All I know is he’s not talking about an attache case. The glossary would have been helpful here.

  3. has enough to show this tantalizing excerpt: “Attaché: ([pronunciation guide]; pronounced like attaché case; spelled the same in masculine or feminine form) An attaché is a person with whom one has a deep emotional attachment. The purpose of the word is to describe this attachment without branding the”.

    1. …relationship as monogamous or open to other relationships. The attache may be a man or a woman, so that a person saying “my attache” may be involved in a homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or asexual…

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