The Legitimate Rape of Andrea

what happened to andrea coverDid You Hear Whgat Happened to Andrea?

Andrea is a “good” girl and she is hitchiking with a boyfriend. They get picked up by a stranger. He drops off the boyfriend and then Andrea is raped.  Andrea files a police report. Andrea takes a morning after pill, has trouble with her parents. Mom is worried that Andrea will be considered an “easy lay” if she talks about this. Mom also doesn’t want to hear the word “rape”. The police finally catch the guy and the last chapter is Andrea testifying. Finally, it’s all over.  It’s a pretty good story and I would have snapped this up in a hot minute as a teen. Now, it just seems dated and everything is just too neat and tidy by the end.



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    1. Don’t you mean an evil, baby-killing pill? xD (I was raised Catholic. Still Catholic but questioning some of what I was taught).
      This book actually doesn’t sound too horrible. Sadly, victim-blaming is all too prevalent even today. The Stubenville case stands out at this moment. (The girl was drunk! She had it coming!). Some people even said it was the rapists who were the real victims. Oh, these amazing football players who had good grades and were well-known! Forced by an evil temptress to violate her!

  1. There was an abc afterschool special based on this book. It was great for the time–however it is pretty dated today.

    1. Very dated. I am pretty sure that the term “lay” is not used by teens. Hitchhiking? I don’t think that is popular mode of transportation in Santa Monica. Also, I think any teen who might read this book would wonder why there is no mention of cell phones.

  2. This was made into an after school special. I didn’t know a morning after pill existed then, either.

  3. I don’t like these stories at all, even when they’re made up. They remind me how any man I meet could be a rapist or a murderer, and then I’m afraid to sleep at night and want to put 12 locks on my door. Yeah I’m paranoid, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who would like to harm me.

    1. I’m in the middle of a criminal minds binge on netflix and just recently listened to a book on Ted Bundy – I’m totally paranoid now. Think I’ll skip this book. I totally would have have read this and watched the after school special as a teen.

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