The Koehler Method

Koehler Method coverThe Koehler Method of Dog Training

Submitter: I am sure the guy was probably a top-notch dog trainer, but some of this seems a bit harsh to me. Especially if you’re just getting a puppy, stopping by the library and picking up a training manual… The book even starts with an affidavit, that is referenced many times throughout the book: “Read the affidavit again!” He especially emphasizes this when recommending electrocution, taping your own mouth shut, or “pussyfooting around points of contention”. I have never owned a dog, but this guy sure makes it look like military training.

Holly: There is definitely some controversy surrounding this method. The book is from 1962, so either way it is old enough to be seriously considered for weeding. Also, it looks like a super boring book on dog training! Aren’t there any pictures of cute puppies anywhere in this thing? Even the cover photos have miserable-looking dogs. It isn’t the most inspiring manual, for sure.




being attentive

suspend dog in mid-air


The Predator

The Predator


  1. Yawning can be a sign of stress in a dog, so that’s the first thing I noticed on the cover.

  2. Never mind the dog, what he is proposing of the chicken (assumed to be a Cock?) is cruel. Tying the birds legs together, and to a stick in the ground, and then keeping it a few feet away from something it knows instinctively is a predator (should!) get the district attorney’s attention.

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