The Joy of Home Winemaking

Joy of Home WinemakingThe Joy of Home Winemaking: Create Your Own Vintage Wine

Submitter: This gross specimen comes from my local library. It clearly has been used in the wine making process. Look at those stains! I know wine should age, but I am not sure this is what they had in mind.

Holly: Age the wine, not the library collection. This can be weeded on condition if nothing else!

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winemaking smashing grapes



  1. They got kids stomping grapes to make an adult beverage? I don’t know which is more gross, the stains on the pages or the thought of drinking something that lots of little feet have squished into a pulp.

    1. Well, to be fair they are wearing plastic bags on their feet and kids do like making messes.

      Anyone else thinking of Lucy stomping grapes and ending up in a big fight that left her hair blue?

    1. I know! I really couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to say. I think that must be a classic 1970 era font.
      (Lurked the site for a while now and love it!)

  2. I just realized those kids are making wine in the tub. Eww. Pubic hair and soap scum in wine? (Let’s face it, no matter how well you clean the tub it’ll still have residue.) No thanks!

  3. Those large “gallon size jugs” on the cover illustration remind me of the Gallo Hearty Burgandy jugs I used to see in my neighbors garage before advent of boxed wine.

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