The “James Dean of the 80s”

Matt Dillon Quiz coverThe Matt Dillon Quiz Book

Are you Matt Dillon’s kind of girl? Well if you want to be, you better brush up on all your Matt Dillon knowledge. This wonderful book is over a hundred pages of awesomeness about Matt. Here are few sample “need to know” facts:

  • History and Gym are his favorite subjects at school
  • Brook Shields is “just a friend”
  • Dillon thought S.E. Hinton was a man
  • Matt loves home cooking
  • Matt hates broccoli

Now everyone can be ready when you are faced with Matt Dillon questions.



Matt Dillon back cover

Matt Dillon introduction

Matt Dillon and Brooke Shields

Matt Dillon - The Quiz


  1. This might be my favourite book you’ve posted yet, and I’ve read your entire archive! So much comedy gold here….
    Why is “Unauthorized- based on a teenage fan’s scrapbook” a good selling point?
    Why do we need to know that he thought SE Hinton was a man? Not really something to be proud of?
    Why the insistence that he’s just a regular guy?
    Why are the answers to the quiz right under the questions, instead of at the end?
    And for the record, I am definitely a Matt Dillon type of girl 🙂
    Thanks for posting this, it made my morning 🙂

  2. Saying the book is “unauthorized” and “from a fan” gives the impression that someone just like YOU wrote it, instead of it all being made up by Matt Dillon’s PR agency, which is probably where the material really came from. Stars need to be seen as “regular people” so fans can relate to them. And the answers are under each question because the readers can’t wait to find out if they are a Matt Dillon type of girl! I ate up stuff like this about the Jackson 5 when I was a girl!

  3. Based on a teenage fan’s personal scrapbook…What does Matt Dillon like to do? He loves riding unicorns on the beach with his fan. How good does he look in photographs? Matt Dillon’s head sometimes looks disproportionate to his body when giving his fan hugs almost as if they are cut out from different pictures, otherwise looks great! How will Matt Dillon be as a husband? He is a modern kind of guy so any combinations of last names is fine as long as fan marries him…

  4. I used to think SE Hinton was a man because her male characters had a lot more personality than her female ones, for what it’s worth.

  5. I don’t remember Matt Dillon or S.E. Hilton. I was only maybe 7 or 8 when this came out. But I can understand people mistaking S.E. Hilton for being male because she used only her initials, which is common because sadly, many male critics still think chicks can’t write good books. 🙁

  6. I love the fact that they keep using his full name… What are Matt Dillon’s least favorite subjects? Has Matt Dillon ever been in love? Do they think that we might get confused with someone else named Matt if they don’t spell it out?

  7. I don’t remember who the James Dean of the ’80s was, but it wasn’t Matt Dillon. And Brooke Shields is now doing La-Z-Boy commercials.

  8. I know that, growing up with the Outsiders, (circa 1994-97), I found myself amused when I realized that he played a cop in the Pogues’ Fairy Tale of NY. I’m also 33, so my exposure was through older friends.

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