The Internet might turn out to be something big!

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Strategic Internet Marketing

This was still in circulation at a public library as of this writing. Yikes! You will notice that most of the examples are no longer relevant. (Oh Hello AltaVista! It’s been a while since you and I chatted. A librarian never forgets her first search engine.)

This book would have been a decent purchase back in 1996. It is a real deep dive, with emphasis on the research. This book was written for the business folks rather than the tech people. I also think this was written to help make the business case for the brick and mortar crowd that just didn’t get the technology.

Why it is still in a public library collection gathering dust is a mystery…


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  1. Wow. Some librarian needs to do SERIOUS weeding. There are probably many out of date books on other topic on their shelves.

  2. Is submitting to search engines even a thing anymore, since the rise of webcrawlers and Google? I know I never did for my GeoCities page, let alone its successor after GeoCities shut down.

    In any case, time to weed this one for sure! It’s of purely historical interest now.

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