The hottest sibling pair since Donny and Marie!

Kristy and Jimmy coverKristy and Jimmy
TV’s Talented McNichols

Remember these kids?  I was a huge fan of Family and “Buddy” for that matter, back in dark days of the 1970s. I lost track of these kids until the other day when this book showed up in a donation pile for my library.  Of course I felt old since only people over 40 seemed to know who these kids were. I had no idea that these crazy kids had teen idol status and musical aspirations.  Perhaps I am not as cool as I think.


Jimmy and Kristy back cover

Jimmy and Kristy and their dogs

Kristy and Jimmy with Scott Baio and Burt Reynolds

Kristy and Jimmy's first album


  1. I remember Kristy, but not from any of that stuff, and I didn’t know about James.(I’m 29)

  2. Wow! Haven’t heard those names in a long time. What ever happened to them? yes I’m old enough.

  3. I remember these two through all the TigerBeat magazines I used to have as a wee’un.

    Back in the mid to late 70’s it ’twas…

  4. Just took a peek at IMDB. I thought I knew Kristy’s name from somewhere. She was on ‘Empty Nest’ with Dinah Manoff. 🙂

  5. I used to have a crush on Kristy. Or was it Jimmy… I can’t tell them apart anymore.

  6. Sure, she and Scott Baio were just special friends. Knowing Baio’s reputation I’m sure that was a lie.

  7. I’m 30 and I remember Kristy on the tv show Empty Nest. Though I am less familiar with her brother.

    And if Kristy’s true love is really Burt Reynolds, has she seen him in all his ALB glory?

  8. Remember this book, and the pictures, from high school library duty…back when it was a new release. But I would have pegged it as a couple of years older. I’m surprised it’s from ’79.

  9. Just watched The Pirate Movie starring Kristy McNichol and Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon) last week in the library auditorium with my coworkers. We would have loved to have this book. From the singing in this movie I can’t imagine what her album was like.

  10. Sure I remember Kristy, now that you remind me! I loved the show Family. But, I have never heard of Jimmy. I haven’t been 40 for more than a decade! Poor Jimmy…

  11. You know, having been born in 1976, sometimes when you folks say things like “the dark days of the 1970s” I feel bad, like I’m the herald of the apocalypse or something.

    AND – despite my love for 70s stuff and having watched Empty Nest as a kid – I have no idea whom either of these two are. Did she play the whiny red head who never could keep a man? Or was she the tom boyish cop?

  12. @Jami: Kristy was the police officer on Empty Nest.

    Surprised nobody’s mentioned “Little Darlings” yet, one of Kristy’s higher-profile movie roles (also starring Tatum O’Neal).

    Kristy was always better-known than her brother. I seem to recall he tried to cultivate a more mature image, calling himself “James McNichol” when he got a little older, but he dropped out of sight.

    But in this age of reality TV, nobody’s ever really gone …

  13. This book brought a smile to my face. I had the biggest non-gay crush on Kristy back in the day, and adored the episode of The Love Boat she appeared in. Jimmy however, did nothing for me.

  14. I love how Seventies books always mention Burt Reynolds’ name in tones of breathless excitement, as though he was the hottest thing on Earth. I expect in forty years’ time people will feel the same about Brad Pitt. (I actually don’t fancy either of them!)

  15. @Ro – I’d rather be with Burt then Brad Pitt! And not just because I have a thing for older men, but also because Burt actually bathes on a daily basis! Whereas Brad apparently only took care of his personal hygiene when Jennifer made him do so. Along with Mathew Mc-whatshisface Brad’s got a reputation for smelling really bad.

    Also if you want to know why Burt was so hot, go rent Mel Brooks Silent Movie. (You have to see it if for no other reason because the only actual spoken line is said by Marcel Marceau.) Burt has a shower scene in the movie

    I often find myself wondering why certain guys are seen as hot. As someone who’s very first crushes were Mr. Spock and The Riddler (Frank Gorshin, not John Astin), I often find the men other women think are sexy as really quite repugnant. Just can’t see what women see in either Fabio nor Isaiah, for instance. When it comes to Old Spice, I’m Team Bruce.

    I wonder if there’s any awful library books that try to explain why certain types of men are seen as sexy.

  16. I believe the reason Kristy McNichol left Empty Nest was because her bipolar disorder started getting worse, but last I heard, she had it under control and was fully retired from showbiz.

  17. Oh, I remember their musical aspirations. I’ve seen their variety show special, not to mention The Pirate Movie. Oh, the humanity! They were big for a while but their star burned brightly and flamed out quickly; file them alongside Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett and Bobby Sherman.

  18. So there was “no romance” with Scott Baio…. isn’t this because Kristy McNichol’s a lesbian?

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