The Herp

Herpes: Cause & Control

In the early 80s, this was one of the scarier STDs. (The HIV crisis was still not big news yet.) No one really worried about this stuff. Take some pennicillin and you are good to go. I am quite sure that the message was that “bad” people got sex diseases. If you are “good,” you had no problems. Herpes was different. At the time of this book, it wasn’t reported or monitored like other STDs, so data was limited, but it seemed like a lot of “nice” people were getting herpes as well.

For a medical collection back in the early 1980s, this would be a worthy purchase. As an aside, be prepared for the naked family chart of vulnerable body parts.



Herpes cause and control - back cover

Herpes Genitalis

man and woman

herpes and cancer



  1. Wow-talk about indiscreet title pages! Imagine trying to check this out at the library……thank god for self-checkouts at libraries these days!

  2. Given the discovery that the Human papillomavirus DOES cause cervical cancer, this needs to go in the bin NOW.

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