The Groovy Way to Quit Drinking

perfect high cover

Find Your Perfect High Without Mind Altering Substances:
Shift Happens, when you train your brain

Direct from the late 1970s, your solution to alcoholism. Marshall struggled with alcohol and developed his own version of alcohol treatment. The beginning of the book is a discussion on how alcohol changes brain chemistry. The second half is devoted to more imaging and meditation, with a clearly 1970s vibe.  Marshall asks readers to contemplate a tree or a flower. Basically, it is a groovy version of self-help for alcoholics.

I am going to be busy contemplating a flower if anyone needs me.


perfect high back cover

breathe a rainbow

be a tree

drinking questionaire


  1. Why would you use phrenological diagrams on your book? I don’t think there is any better known example pseudoscience out there.

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