The “first” Thanksgiving

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This little book is really more of a mild tirade about communism and eroding of traditional American ideals. Thanksgiving, in particular. There was an old school history lesson about the pilgrims, settlement of Plymouth, settlement of Jamestown, and President Lincoln’s proclamation of a “day of thanksgiving”.  This recitation of questionable “facts” was an attempt to get at the real controversy: The first Thanksgiving. Naturally, the native Americans are barely secondary players in this story.

In my opinion, this book was a waste of time and paper. I made a cursory attempt to find out if this author had significance beyond this little book. I didn’t find too much about the author other than a couple of other titles about the FBI and the Nixon administration.

Is this worth keeping? For a public library, probably not, unless the collection is super deep. University collections would probably be okay with something like this, depending on collection parameters or research interests.

I will keep to our family traditions of sweatpants, watching the Detroit Lions lose, and eating too much — just like the pilgrims.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


a communist's thanksgiving

Plymouth MA history

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  1. This book was a waste of paper when it was published, much less now!

    I remember 1970, and the “commiebastards” hadn’t managed to ruin Thanksgiving. Quite the opposite, everyone was compelled to follow the norms of the period. Nixon was president, remember? Some of the hippies didn’t do the usual thing.

    Everyone was in or saw their tiny school play with buckled hats and shapeless dresses, with the darkest-skinned boy wearing paper feathers to represent Squanto and all the natives.

    (And in 1973, a cartoon dog served a bunch of kids popcorn. 🙂 )

    Anyway, the actual first Thanksgiving in what’s now the USA was over 20 years before, near what’s now El Paso, when a bunch of colonists and their livestock crossed the Chihuahuan Desert and gave thanks when they got to the Rio Grande. They had a big feast, and the natives there showed up with food also, the friars said mass. They have re-enactments, and there still are actual Native Americans there to be in them.

  2. “mild tirade about communism and eroding of traditional American ideals” -> false advertizing. Recatalog as politics or decatalog as irrelevant in current collection.

  3. We had Thanksgiving in October here in Canada and I’ll never understand why Americans make such a huge deal out of their own Thanksgiving. Doesn’t look like they have much of anything to be thankful for. But then who does these days? Judging from this book, however, turning it into something political isn’t anything new.

  4. Hating USSR will do fine to distract people from the wrongs the politicians wreck in the USA. Hating needs no basis in reality since this about hating any regime from Russia from the tsars to present day crazy wannabe tsar Putin; even during the Soviet era there was no communism, just a different group of men who replaced the royal family and its court to control whichever group of mercenaries/soldiers to terrorize the populace and even peoples abroad. (France was first.) Just always call Russia “Communist”: nothing gets better but your rage has an outlet until you get tired of raging and you do want things to get better and then you can give thanks at least for seeing the difference finally.

    Withdraw the title and box it and bag it and dump it in the dumpster, but who would protest trashing this book except Qanoners who seem unbothered by Putin,.

  5. He didn’t even get the part where Columbus defeated the pilgrims at the Battle of Miami to free the turkeys from the Communists!

  6. I think it might be riffing on a certain out-of-office person saying that the patriots took over the airports during the American Revolution — ?

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